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Life is Fucked

I've seen the light.

I've opened my eyes.

The World is my oyster.

My Oyster just shit on me.

Fuck It.

People wonder what goes on in the back of the mind, when the brain is left to idly sit and dwell on the circumstances which have led to a place in which a person never thought they'd exist, in which they're torn betwixt what should rightfully be and what is, in fact, reality.

Bottled emotion corrupts the spirit, and so some sort of release is necessary. Without release, there can be no relief, and no healing. Thus, the function of this web site. Contained within is an archive of mental ejaculations of love, hate, grief, joy, suffering, confusion, anguish, rage and every other feeling seen fit to burst forth in a manner not publicly acceptable or desirable. It's here.

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20030305 - Blameless
20030104 - Just Feel
20021124 - Thoughts
20021006 - How Fucked Up Are You Now?
20020915 - You're Still Alone

Archived Highlights:

20020808 - The Beginning
20020901 - Evil

"To be old and wise, you must first have been young and stupid..."

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